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Counseling Activities

Education now a day is not just restricted to academics. It comprises of the entire process of educating the mind-mind that is not only receptive to numerous processes but also susceptible to various pressures. Since these pressures form an integral part of modern life, the school has made provisions and provided professional help of counselor who administer and supervise the school activities for psycho-social and personality development of the students. Apart from assessing and evaluating the wide variety of perceived problems, they also interact directly with the student and their families through individual counseling, support group & skills training.

To help students to enhance their motivation, concentration, memory and self confidence, special classes are conducted for language and subject related problems in the primary section. At the senior level, problems are more intricate. Apart from helping the students to enhance their concentration, memory retention and attention span, help is provided to enable them to recognize their capacity and ability and accordingly set priorities. Direct interaction is utilized to promote cognitive social and emotional development. Services are provided to prevent the occurrence of problem or minimize their effect.

Hobby / Activities

Education is a holistic development of individuals by way of physical activities. With this motivation we have the House System as well as regular weekly S.U.P.W.Classes.

House System

The essence of education is the exploration of the full potential of a child, the unfolding of each faculty and the final culmination towards developing all round personalities who can maintain their own identities in today’s competitive environment. Education is not only about filling the child’s mind with formal and academic knowledge but also to recognize the child’s creativity by organizing various activities. All these activities are organized by our houses. The house system is for closer contact and greater individual attention. There are four Houses in our school. Aravali House, Himalaya House, Nilgiri House and Shivalik House. Our House system organizes inter house competitions as well as the traditional ones to help bloom the budding artist, musician, debaters, actors and public speakers and leaders of tomorrow by providing a platform to strengthen and polish their individual talent.

To have a sense of pride and fraternity each house is represented by different colour and accordingly house dresses are provided to the students of each house which they wear twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. The following are the associated colours of each house.

  • Aravali-Orange Colour
  • Himalaya-Red Colour
  • Nilgiri- Yellow Colour
  • Shivalik-Blue Colour

The four main duties of the houses are choir, discipline, cleanliness decoration and chart making for display boards. All these duties are monthly and change after one month. The house warden should distribute the duties to the house teachers & prefects according to the various bifurcations such as floor wise or wing wise.

Pre-Primary Wing

The School has spacious, well furnished, safe and secure little paradise for the kindergarten children.

It has been patterned into enjoyable educational experience for the budding learners. Our efforts are to train their three H’s and help them inculcate healthy habits and give them the best of Montessory. Kindergarten and Play way Methods are dovetailed and adapted to meet the needs of their age group and social environment.

They have exclusive room furnished with Audio-Visual Aids and toys. They are given full freedom for free expression.


Our school has well stocked & furnished library. The school library is kept updated with dictionaries, Newspapers, Magazines encyclopedia, maps, charts, vocabulary building games, CDs and reference material. We at PPS, encourage students to visit the library as and when they wish to.

A special period is also provided in the school time table and students are encouraged to read books of their liking, for pleasure and information under the guidance of the librarian. Our library has a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. A number of notices are put to encourage students to read books. As CBSE has introduced a reading project to promote the reading habit as part of CCE in English language, we are assessing our students by Reading Books Project in which children are expected to read a book and write a report on it. School provides the facility of an English daily newspaper to all the students, on payment of nominal fee annually.


The School has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology with latest scientific equipment. We also have a well equipped maths laboratory which enables the children to grasp the concepts easily.

School has produced 100% qualitative result continuously and has many distinctions, to its credits.

Moral Education

Moral Education, a salient feature of this school, moulds the children into simple, honest, patriotic citizen of tomorrow. In this fact paced and competitive world, Conflicting values and moral dilemmas have become all too common in our daily lives. This often leaves a child confused and imbued with a sense of inadequacy in life situations. We therefore need to ensure a curriculum and ambience which enable a child to think right, to feel the right kind of emotions and to act in the desirable manner. Only then can we help school children to develop stable, well-rounded and morally integrated personalities. This is being done through moral education.


For the all round development of the students, sports culture has been inculcated along with the academic excellence in the school. The school provides plethora of sports activities like cricket, volley ball, kabaddi, badminton, relay race and carrom board game for the students. Special arrangements have been made for sports like cricket, volley ball and badminton as practice nets and other facilities are provided. Taekwondo training is also imparted to the students. The school’s aim is to make sports fun and enjoyable at the same time to foster values also. The focus is on developing skills, co-ordination and sportsmanship among the students. Physical Education teachers ensure that the students are involved in sports activities and coaching is also provided to them. Students participate in track and field events and inter-school competitions.

Prefectorial Board

The school selects the head boy and the head girl who pilots the student’s council which comprises of captains and vice-captains of all the four houses.
Each house selects 15-20 prefects to look after various duties-Choir, Cleanliness, Discipline and Decoration. Four monitors are selected to check Diaries, Uniforms, Cleanliness & Black board maintenance. All the above selected members get badges on Investiture day, which is celebrated at the beginning of the session. School Club The school has various clubs for students like. Interact club, Science club, Eco club, History club etc. to promote the sense of creativity and research work among the students. These club organized their own exhibition and activities from time to time. These clubs help us to increase the sense of discipline and the quality of leadership among the students. The system of Awards & Prizes Prizes, Medals, Certificates and Trophies are awarded for academic achievements like :- (i) Standing first, (ii) Second & (iii) Third in aggregate in the final result. Every month best students of the classes are selected from each section of all the classes. These students are given gifts & sweets. Their photographs are displayed on a special board. The winners of various competition are awarded Certificates, Prize & Medal. Parents are also appreciated for their co-operation at the end of each session. Students are given gifts & Birthday-cards on their Birthday. Special award is also given to students having 100% attendance. Scholarships are awarded to children for out standing achievements in various spheres of education. Trips, Tours & Excursions Besides recreational value, trips and tours have great educational value too. They add to the knowledge of the students and bring about the spirit of adventure in them. The School organizes trips tours & excursions through out the year to make the students aware of India’s rich heritage and rapid transformation. Use of Advance Technology To keep the students abreast with latest technological advancement, the school has most modern computer and all highly sophisticated Audio-Visual A ids. We have well organized collection of software’s, extentions of hardware with a strong support of programmed routines and modules. The multimedia rooms have Projector, T.V., Internet and E-mailing facilities. The school maintains its own website. School has introduced computerized examination result system which shows the progress of child with the help of bar graphs. Rise and fall of bars indicate the progress made by the child. If offers a ready and easy comparison of his/her performance with his previous efforts. It also provides result analysis for further improvement. To save time of parents and avoid inconvenience computerized fee collection system has been introduced by the school. There is use of multimedia to create a Brighter tomorrow for today’s students. Teaching through projector & computers help students to grasp and understand the subject in theory and practical classes. Concept and Theoretical aspects of difficult topic are made easy when projected and shown on screen by the teachers. Even kinder garden students are also taught through animations. Teaching through interactive classes has made study interesting and easy for every student Yoga & Meditation The school lays great emphasis on physical as well as metal fitness of students & provides facilities for yoga & meditation. Yoga is the exercise to control body & mind. Through yogic disciplines and exercise a student can have control on his body’s extravagant trends and also control his mind to a reasonable way of thinking and action.