"Online Painting and Letter Writing Competition on COVID-19 being conducted by Delhi Postal Circle" "Online Fee received but Details awaited from the Parents" "Registration Open" Entrance Syllabus 2021-22 Result of Class X and XII session 2019-20           Documents Required at the time of Admission

To keep the students abreast with latest technological advancement, the school has most modern computer and all highly sophisticated Audio-Visual Aids. We have well organized collection of softwares, extentions of hardware with a strong support of programmed routines and modules. The multimedia rooms have Projector, T.V., Internet and E-mailing facilities. The school maintains its own website.

School has introduced computerized examination result system which shows the progress of child with the help of bar graphs. Rise and fall of bars indicate the progress made by the child. If offers a ready and easy comparison of his/her performance with his previous efforts. It also provides result analysis for further improvement.

To save time of parents and avoid inconvenience computerized fee collection system has been introduced by the school.

There is use of multimedia to create a Brighter tomorrow for today’s students. Teaching through projector & computers help students to grasp and understand the subject in theory and practical classes. Concept and Theoretical aspects of difficult topic are made easy when projected and shown on screen by the teachers. Even kindergarten students are also taught through animations. Teaching through interactive classes has made study interesting and easy for every student